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More than just a newspaper, The Economist Group is a media company that creates mind-stretching text, audio and live experiences for an engaged audience of the globally curious. Founded in 1843, The Economist continues to lead the debate in the pursuit of progress around the world by providing bold ideas, a global perspective and rigorous analysis on world affairs.

What makes The Economist unique?

– Smart guide to the forces that shape future

– Trusted filter on world affairs

– Advocacy for positive change

– Global perspective

– Quality content

It is the combination of all five that represents true strength.

Benefits to subscribers of The Economist:

The Economist is the worldwide number one newsweekly with a global footprint in over 200 countries, and weekly readership of over 5.2 million. It is therefore a must-read publication for all progressive thinkers.

A unique global perspective

The Economist’s vision of the world, style and philosophy are different from other publications. We are international, we stress the links between politics and business, we are irreverent and we are independent. If it matters in our world we cover it – and cover it well.

Read by the world’s political and business leaders

With brevity, clarity, opinion and wit, we distil what’s important on the global agenda and, most importantly, what to make of it. Our objectivity of opinion, originality of insight and advocacy of economic and political freedom set us apart from other publications. That’s why five million people read The Economist every week, including the world’s leading political and business figures.

Available in a format to suit your life

Whether you read each week’s copy of The Economist from cover to cover, scan the latest leaders on your smartphone, start your day with a shot of Espresso, listen to a special report at the gym or research a topic in our online archive – time with The Economist is always time well spent.

Help your academic organization to have the edge by:

– Informing research work

– Gaining and maintaining qualitative insights into global contexts and market dynamics. Main topics covered: World Politics, Business & Finance, Economics, Science & Technology and Culture

– Providing a resource to students to equip them for the outside world

– Investing in students, an additional academic benefit for them

– Encouraging higher performance and results in exams

B2B Group Subscriptions – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can my academic organization benefit from a B2B Group Subscription to The Economist?

– The Economist is more than just a “nice-to-have”  data resource, our content can deliver a clear return on investment (ROI)

– Informing the research work of both students and teachers

– Enabling higher performance and results in exams and projects

– Investing in your students to encourage greater understanding, progressive thinking, intelligent conversation and a higher quality of ideas

– Covering a vast range of relevant topics: Politics, Business & Finance, Science & Technology, Culture

2. What can a B2B Group Subscription to The Economist give my academic organization access to?

– Two main ways of accessing our content: IP Address and Digital Voucher Codes

– Three ways of consuming our content: The Economist Newspaper, The Economist website (, The Economist Audio

3. What type of B2B Group Subscription will suit my academic organization best?

All content packages are created to the specific needs of your academic organization, based on one, or a mixture, of the following:

– IP Address – access to The Economist website only, automatically granted via your IP address and delivered to all users and desktops within it

– Digital Voucher Codes – access to The Economist website, The Economistapps (The Economist and The Economist Espresso) and The EconomistAudio, granted to individuals via a personal login which can be accessed on any of their devices anywhere

Subscribe now for full access – risk free

Only subscribers enjoy full access to The Economist, including the full weekly edition (in print or via The Economist apps),, The Economist Espresso and our audio edition. All our subscription bundles come with a money-back guarantee, should you change your mind at any time.

The Economist Subscription:

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