Correctional Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice 3rd Edition, ISBN-13: 978-1947800779


Correctional Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice 3rd Edition, ISBN-13: 978-1947800779

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  • Publisher: ‎ American Nurses Association; 3rd edition (November 10, 2020)
  • Language: ‎ English
  • 110 pages
  • ISBN-10: ‎ 1947800779
  • ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1947800779

Nursing is centered on caring for and respecting human beings, including those who are detained or incarcerated and those who are under legal supervision in the community. Correctional registered nurses provide evidence-based nursing care, as well as advocacy, health education, and prevention this diverse and often underserved practice population. Correctional nurses face complex demographics and unique health, ethical, legal, and social challenges.

In 2018, the American Nurses Association (ANA) convened a volunteer work group of correctional nurses to review and revise the 2013 Correctional Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice, Second Edition. This new edition s scope of practice addresses what is expected of all correctional nurses, specifying the who, what, where, when, why, and how of their practice. The detailed discussion of that scope of practice provides the context needed to understand and use the standards, presenting the underlying assumptions, characteristics, environments and settings, education and training requirements, key issues and trends, and ethical and conceptual bases of the specialty. The 16 standards themselves are those by which all correctional nurses are held accountable for their practice. Each standard is measurable by a set of specific competencies that serve as evidence of minimal compliance with that standard.

Table of Contents:

Audience for This Publication
Scope of Correctional Nursing Practice
A History of Nurses Within the Correctional Environment
Population Served
Correctional Nursing Practice and Roles
Primary Care
Acute Care
Urgent or Emergency Care
Palliative Care
Restricted Housing Care
Special Care
Transitional Care
Care Coordination
Medication Management
Health Promotion
Patient Education
Preservation of Safety
Correctional Nursing Practice Settings
Point of Care
Institutional Designs
Accreditation in Correctional Health Care
Professional Guidance for Correctional Nursing Practice
Nine Provisions of the Code of Ethics for Nurses
Provision 1. The nurse practices with compassion and respect for the inherent dignity, worth, and unique attributes of every person.
Provision 2. The nurse’s primary commitment is to the patient, whether an individual, family, group community, or population.
Provision 3. The nurse promotes, advocates for, and strives to protect the health, safety, and rights of the patient.
Provision 4. The nurse is responsible and accountable for individual nursing practice and determines the appropriate delegation of tasks consistent with the nurse’s obligation to provide optimum patient care.
Provision 5. The nurse owes the same duties to self as to others, including the responsibility to promote health and safety, preserve wholeness of character and integrity, maintain competence, and continue personal and professional growth.
Provision 6. The nurse through individual and collective effort, establishes, maintains, and improves the ethical environment of the work setting and conditions of employment that are conducive to safe, quality health care.
Provision 7. The nurse participates in the advancement of the profession through contributions to practice, education, administration, and knowledge development.
Provision 8. The nurse collaborates with other health professionals and the public to protect human rights, promote health diplomacy, and reduce health disparities.
Provision 9. The profession of nursing, as represented by associations and their members, is responsible for articulating nursing values, for maintaining the integrity of the profession and its practice, and for shaping social policy.
Guiding Principles for Correctional Nursing Practice
Educational Preparation and Certification
Graduate-Level Prepared Nurses in the Correctional Setting
Advanced Practice Registered Nurses in the Correctional Setting
Partnerships with Community and Academic Nurses
Nursing Leadership in the Correctional Setting
Specialty Certification
Research and Evidence-Based Practice
Translation of Evidence into Practice in Correctional Settings
Issues and Trends in Correctional Nursing
Workforce Recruitment and Retention
Call for National Specialty Organization of Correctional Nurses
New Technologies
Restrictive Housing
Collaboration and Entrepreneurship
Research and Dissemination of Knowledge
Muse’s Proposed Framework for Correctional Nursing
Standards of Correctional Nursing Practice
Standard 1. Assessment
Standard 2. Diagnosis
Standard 3. Outcomes Identification
Standard 4. Planning
Standard 5. Implementation
Standard 5A. Coordination of Care
Standard 5B. Health Teaching and Health Promotion
Standard 6. Evaluation
Standards of Professional Performance for Correctional Nursing
Standard 7. Ethics
Standard 8. Culturally Congruent Practice
Standard 9. Communication
Standard 10. Collaboration
Standard 11. Leadership
Standard 12. Education
Standard 13. Evidence-Based Practice and Research
Standard 14. Quality of Practice
Standard 15. Professional Practice Evaluation
Standard 16. Resource Utilization
Standard 17. Environmental Health
Appendix. Muse’s Proposed Framework for Correctional Nursing
Framework Components
Quality-Centered Patient (Person) Care
Contributions to Patient Care
Justice-Involved Populations/Correctional Setting
Contributions to the Profession
Contributions to Society

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