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Forbes is a personal finance magazine that serves millions of business leaders and affluent consumers with its critical insight and information related to commerce, finance, politics and culture.

About Forbes

The modern business magazine was born in 1917. B.C. Forbes had a mission at that time to tell the vital stories of those who ran successful companies, and to capture the human side of business and finance. He wanted others to learn from the trials, tribulations and successes of “notable winners” in the business world. Today, Forbes magazine continues to profile the rich and powerful who are changing the world for the better.

This trusted resource delivers cutting-edge articles on current business and finance topics. Each issue features several popular regular sections, including: Strategies, which provides insight from business leaders on long-term business practices and growth strategies that work; Entrepreneurs, which shares inspiring stories about overcoming challenges in small and mid-size companies; Investing, which covers investment strategies, stock tips and advice from finance experts; and Lists, which shares a ranking of the most successful business leaders and entrepreneurs.

In addition to the 18 regular issues published each year, Forbes also provides several iconic special issues. Among them, its annual lists like “Forbes 400,” the richest Americans; “30 Under 30,” the highest paid business professionals under 30 years old; “Global Billionaires,” the wealthiest leaders around the world; and “Most Powerful Women,” the most influential females in the fields of business, politics, finance and more. A subscription also includes two annual investment guides that are filled with advice on both short-term and long-term financial planning.

Forbes Magazine Is Your Guide To American Business

Find out the industry secrets that earned entrepreneurs their billion dollar paydays and learn where top billed celebrities are investing their money. Subscribe to Forbes for an in-depth look at how pop culture and business intertwine and find out how you can predict which business plans will flop and which will succeed. Well known for its rankings, the Forbes 400 and Forbes Global 2000 list the richest American’s net worth and the world’s top performing companies. Known as “The Capitalist Tool,” a Forbes magazine subscription tells you everything you need to know about money, including how to spend it, save it and invest it. Contributors come from all sectors and backgrounds, making Forbes the ultimate marketing and operations resource for anyone with an interest in finance.

The new, modern look of the magazine – clean and simple, with less text – was created in partnership with Priest + Lee (designers Robert Priest and Grace Lee), who worked with Forbes art director Bob Mansfield, digital creative director Dan Revitte and the Forbes art team.

This year’s “Self-Made Women” list includes Diane Hendricks, Meg Whitman, Marian Ilitch, Judy Faulkner, Thai Lee, Judy Love, Lynda Resnick, Doris Fisher, Johnelle Hunt and Oprah Winfrey, among others.

About Forbes Media

The company, which publishes Forbes magazine and, is an authoritative source of news and information on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership and affluent lifestyles., a leading business website, reaches 49 million monthly unique visitors, according to Omniture. Forbes magazine, Forbes Asia and Forbes Europe attract a global audience of more than 5 million readers. The Forbes magazine iPad app merges the power of print storytelling with social sharing and the web. The Company also publishes ForbesLife magazine, as well as 29 licensed local editions around the world.

Busy professionals who appreciate concise and insightful business and finance reporting will enjoy a subscription to Forbes magazine.

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