Law for Doctors, ISBN: 978-0470699034


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Law for Doctors by Wai-Ching Leung, ISBN: 978-0470699034
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191 pages
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell (2000)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0470699034

About the Author

Wai-Ching Leung is the author of Law for Doctors, published by Wiley.

Table of contents


Part I: Health Professionals and Patients.

1: Consent to Medical Treatment.

2: Treatment of the Mentally Ill Patients.

3: Confidentiality.

4: Access to Personal Medical Information.

5: Abortion.

6: Legal Issues Relating to Symptom Relief for Terminally Ill Patients.

Part II: Legal Settings in Which Health Professionals Actions May be Challenged.

7: Introduction to the Different Legal Settings in which Health Professionals Actions May be Challenged.

8: The NHS Compaints Procedure and the NHS Ombudsman.

9: Professional Negligence.

10: Vicarious Liabilities.

11: Product Liability.

12: The Professional Bodies.

13: Relationships between Employers and Employees.

14: Health and Safety Issues.

Part III: Legal Procedures.

15: Death Certificates, Coroners and Inquests.

16: Research and Publications.

17: Writing Medico-Legal Reports and Giving Evidence in Court.


What’s New

* case histories
* discussion of basic principles illustrated by the case histories with emphasis on practical issues
* comprehensive coverage of topics of practical importance
* summary of key points at the end of each chapter
* good accessibility to non-legally trained doctors

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