Privilege, Power, and Difference 3rd Edition by Allan G. Johnson, ISBN-13: 978-0073404226



Privilege, Power, and Difference 3rd Edition by Allan G. Johnson, ISBN-13: 978-0073404226

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  • Publisher: ‎ McGraw Hill; 3rd edition (February 6, 2017)
  • Language: ‎ English
  • ISBN-10: ‎ 0073404225
  • ISBN-13: ‎ 978-0073404226

Privilege, Power, and Difference is a groundbreaking tool for students and non-students alike to examine systems of privilege and difference in our society. Written in an accessible, conversational style, the 3rd edition links theory with engaging examples in ways that enable readers to see the underlying nature and consequences of privilege and their connection to it. This extraordinary book has been used across the country, both inside and outside the classroom, to shed light on issues of power and privilege. The thoroughly updated 3rd edition includes a new epilogue about the conflicting worldviews that can make these issues so difficult.

Table of Contents:

Title Page
About the Author
Also by Allan G. Johnson
Chapter 1 We’re in Trouble
The Trouble We’re In
Chapter 2 Privilege, Oppression, and Difference
Difference Is Not the Problem
Mapping Difference: Who Are We?
The Social Construction of Difference
What Is Privilege?
Two Types of Privilege
Privilege as Paradox
Oppression: The Flip Side of Privilege
Chapter 3 Capitalism, Class, and the Matrix of Domination
How Capitalism Works
Capitalism and Class
Capitalism, Difference, and Privilege: Race and Gender
The Matrix of Domination and the Paradox of Being Privileged and Oppressed At the Same Time
Chapter 4 Making Privilege and Oppression Happen
Avoidance, Exclusion, Rejection, and Worse
A Problem for Whom?
And That’s Not All
We Cannot Heal Until the Wounding Stops
Chapter 5 The Trouble with the Trouble
Chapter 6 What It Has to Do with Us
Individualism: Or, the Myth That Everything Bad Is Somebody’s Fault
Individuals, Systems, and Paths of Least Resistance
What It Means to Be Involved in Privilege and Oppression
Chapter 7 How Systems of Privilege Work
Dominance and Control
Identified with Privilege
The Center of Attention
The Isms
The Isms and Us
Chapter 8 Getting Off the Hook: Denial and Resistance
Deny and Minimize
Blame the Victim
Call It Something Else
It’s Better This Way
It Doesn’t Count If You Don’t Mean It
I’m One of the Good Ones
Not My Job
Sick and Tired
Getting Off the Hook by Getting On
Chapter 9 What Can We Do?
The Myth That It’s Always Been This Way, and Always Will
Gandhi’s Paradox and The Myth of No Effect
Stubborn Ounces: What Can We Do?
Epilogue: A Worldview Is Hard to Change

Allan G. Johnson is a nationally recognized writer, novelist, and public speaker who has worked on issues of privilege, oppression, and social inequality since receiving his PhD in sociology from the University of Michigan in 1972. His nonfiction writing has been translated into several languages and excerpted in numerous anthologies. His novels, The First Thing and the Last and Nothing Left to Lose, come from a lifelong devotion to the art of writing coupled with a passionate commitment to understanding what it means to be a human being in a complex world full of unnecessary suffering. He shares his life with Nora L. Jamieson, a writer, healer, and gatherer of women.

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