Hughes Electrical & Electronic Technology 12th Edition by Edward Hughes, ISBN-13: 978-1292093048


Hughes Electrical & Electronic Technology 12th Edition by Edward Hughes, ISBN-13: 978-1292093048

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  • Publisher : Pearson Education; 12th New edition (April 5, 2016)
  • Language : English
  • Paperback : 1008 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 1292093048
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1292093048

All engineers need to understand the fundamental principles of electrical and electronic technology. This best-selling text provides a clear and accessible introduction to the area, with balanced coverage of electrical, electronic, and power engineering.

This volume covers the electrical engineering syllabuses of the Second and Third Year Courses for the Ordinary National Certificate in Electrical Engineering and of the First Year Course leading to a Degree of Engineering.

The rationalized M.K.S. system of units has been used throughout this book. The symbols, abbreviations and nomenclature are in accordance with the recommendations of the British Standards Institution, and, for the convenience of students, the symbols and abbreviations used in this book have been tabulated in the Appendix.

It is impossible to acquire a thorough understanding of electrical principles without working out a large number of numerical problems, and, while doing this, students should make a habit of writing the solutions in an orderly manner, attaching the name of the unit wherever possible. When students tackle problems in examinations or in industry, it is important that they express their solutions in a way that is readily intelligible to others, and this facility can only be acquired by experience. Guidance in this respect is given by the 106 worked examples in the text, and the 670 problems afford ample opportunity for practice.

Most of the questions have been taken from examination papers; and for permission to reproduce these questions I am indebted to the University of London, the East Midland Educational Union, the Northern Counties Technical Examination Council, the Union of Educational Institutions and the Union of Lancashire and Cheshire Institutes.

Prefaces xvii

Section 1 Electrical Principles 1
1 International System of Measurement 3
2 Introduction to Electrical Systems 12
3 Simple DC Circuits 30
4 Network Theorems 61
5 Capacitance and Capacitors 96
6 Electromagnetism 136
7 Simple Magnetic Circuits 151
8 Inductance in a DC Circuit 166
9 Alternating Voltage and Current 201
10 Single-phase Series Circuits 226
11 Single-phase Parallel Networks 247
12 Complex Notation 263
13 Power in AC Circuits 285
14 Resonance in AC Circuits 302
15 Network Theorems Applied to AC Networks 325

Section 2 Electronic Engineering 353
16 Electronic Systems 355
17 Passive Filters 362
18 Amplifier Equivalent Networks 399
19 Semiconductor Materials 419
20 Rectifiers and Amplifier Circuits 431
21 Interfacing Digital and Analogue Systems 498
22 Digital Numbers 516
23 Digital Systems 531
24 Signals 569
25 Data Transmission and Signals 588
26 Communications 600
27 Fibreoptics 613

Section 3 Power Engineering 623
28 Multiphase Systems 625
29 Transformers 646
30 Introduction to Machine Theory 680
31 AC Synchronous Machine Windings 702
32 Characteristics of AC Synchronous
Machines 715
33 Induction Motors 726
34 Electrical Energy Systems 757
35 Power Systems 806
36 Direct-current Machines 840
37 Direct-current Motors 854
38 Control System Motors 871
39 Motor Selection and Efficiency 880

Section 4 Measurements, Sensing
and Actuation 917
41 Control Systems, Sensors and
Actuators 919
42 Electronic Measuring Instruments and Devices 935
Appendix: Symbols, Abbreviations, Definitions
and Diagrammatic Symbols 957
Answers to Exercises 962
Index 972

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