Handbook of Industrial and Hazardous Wastes Treatment 2nd Edition by Lawrence K. Wang, ISBN-13: 978-0824741143


Handbook of Industrial and Hazardous Wastes Treatment 2nd Edition by Lawrence K. Wang, ISBN-13: 978-0824741143

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  • Publisher: ‎ CRC Press; 2nd edition (June 29, 2004)
  • Language: ‎ English
  • 1368 pages
  • ISBN-10: ‎ 0824741145
  • ISBN-13: ‎ 978-0824741143

Presenting effective, practicable strategies modeled from ultramodern technologies and framed by the critical insights of 78 field experts, this vastly expanded Second Edition offers 32 chapters of industry- and waste-specific analyses and treatment methods for industrial and hazardous waste materials-from explosive wastes to landfill leachate to wastes produced by the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Key additional chapters cover means of monitoring waste on site, pollution prevention, and site remediation.

Including a timely evaluation of the role of biotechnology in contemporary industrial waste management, the Handbook reveals sound approaches and sophisticated technologies for treating

  • textile, rubber, and timber wastes
  • dairy, meat, and seafood industry wastes
  • bakery and soft drink wastes
  • palm and olive oil wastes
  • pesticide and livestock wastes
  • pulp and paper wastes
  • phosphate wastes
  • detergent wastes
  • photographic wastes
  • refinery and metal plating wastes
  • power industry wastes

Table of Contents:

Implementation of Industrial Ecology for Industrial Hazardous Waste Management, L.K. Wang and D.B. Aulenbach

Bioassay of Industrial and Hazardous Waste Pollutants, S.Yu. Selivanovskaya, V.Z. Latypova, N. Yu. Stepanova, and Y.-T. Hung

Treatment of Pharmaceutical Wastes, S.K. Gupta, S.K. Gupta, and Y-T. Hung

Treatment of Oilfield and Refinery Wastes, O. Tunay, I. Kabdash, and Y.-T. Hung

Treatment of Photographic Processing Wastes, T.W. Bober, D. Vacco, T.J. Dagon, and H.E. Fowler

Treatment of Soap and Detergent Industry Wastes, C. Yapijakis and L.K. Wang

Treatment of Textile Wastes, T. Bechtold, E. Burtscher, and Y. -T. Wang

Treatment of Pulp and Paper Mill Wastes, S. Sumathi and Y.-T. Hung

In-Plant Management and Disposal of Industrial Hazardous Substances, L.K. Wang

Application of Biotechnology for Industrial Waste Treatment, J.-H. Tay, S.T.-L. Tay, V. Ivanov, and Y.-T. Hung

Treatment of Dairy Processing Wastewaters, T.J. Britz, C. van Schalkwyk, and Y.-T. Hung

Seafood Processing Wastewater Treatment, J.-H. Tay, K.-Y. Show, and Y-.T. Hung

Treatment of Meat Wastes, C.J. Banks and Z. Wang

Treatment if Palm Oil Wastewaters, M.A. Hassan, S. Yacob, Y. Shirai, and Y.-T. Hung

Olive Oil Waste Treatment, A. Awad, H. Salman, and H.-T. Hung

Potato Wastewater Treatment, Y.-T. Hung, H.H. Lo, A. Awad, and H. Salman

Stormwater Management and Treatment, C. Yapijakis, R.L. Trotta, C.-C. Chang, and L.K. Wang

Site Remediation and Groundwater Decontamination, L.K. Wang

Pollution Prevention, J.P. Chen, T.T. Shen, Y.-T. Hung, and L.K. Wang

Treatment of Pesticide Industry Wastes, J.M. Wong

Livestock Waste Treatment, J.P. Chen, S. Zou, Y.-T. Hung, and L.K. Wang

Soft Drink Waste Treatment, J.P. Chen, S.-S. Seng, and Y.-T. Hung

Bakery Waste Treatment, J.P. Chen, L. Yang, R. Bai, and Y.-T. Hung

Explosive Waste Treatment, J.P. Chen, S. Zou, S.O. Pehkonen, Y.-T. Hung, and L.K. Wang

Food Waste Treatment, M. Ukita, T. Imai, and Y.-T. Hung

Treatment of Landfill Leachate, M. Bodzek, J. Surmacz-Gorska, and Y.-T. Hung

On-Site Monitoring and Analysis of Industrial Pollutants, J.R. Taricska, Y.-T. Hung, and K. Hung Li

Treatment of Rubber Industry Wastes, J.R. Taricska, L.K. Wang, Y.T. Hung, J-H. Tay, and K. Hung Li

Treatment of Timber Industry Wastes, L.K. Wang

Treatment of Power Industry Wastes, L.K. Wang


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