An Introduction to Marriage and Family Therapy 2nd Edition, ISBN-13: 978-0415719506


An Introduction to Marriage and Family Therapy 2nd Edition, ISBN-13: 978-0415719506
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634 pages
Publisher: Routledge; 2 edition (September 19, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 041571950X
ISBN-13: 978-0415719506

Now in its second edition, this text introduces readers to the rich history and practice of Marriage and Family Therapy, with 32 professionals from across the US presenting their knowledge in their areas of expertise. This blend of approaches and styles gives this text a unique voice and makes it a comprehensive resource for graduate students taking their first course in Marriage and Family Therapy.

The book is divided into three sections:

Part 1 focuses on the components on which 21st century family therapy is based and summarizes the most recent changes made to not only therapeutic interventions, but to the very concept of “family.”

Part 2 presents an overview of the 7 major theoretical models of the field: structural, strategic, Milan, social constructionist, experiential, transgenerational, and cognitive-behavioral family therapy. Each chapter in this section
• Focuses on the founder of the theory, its theoretical tenants, and its key techniques
• Shows how the model focuses on diversity
• Presents the research that supports the approach

Part 3 addresses specific treatment areas that are common to marriage and family therapists, such as sex therapy, pre-marital therapy, research, and ethics and legal issues.

As an introduction to the field of Marriage and Family Therapy, this volume stands above the rest. Not only will readers gain an understanding of the rich history of the field and its techniques, but they will also see a complete picture of the context in which families are embedded, such as gender, culture, spirituality, and sexual orientation. This knowledge is the key to understanding what differentiates Marriage and Family Therapy from individual psychotherapy. Glossaries, case studies, tables, figures, and appendices appear generously throughout the text to present this information and give students a thorough overview to prepare them for their professional lives.


“This book provides a scholarly and practical approach to the advancements in the field of family therapy. Readers will benefit from discussions on the influence of gender, culture, spirituality, and sexual orientation. This well-conceived text is a must-read for those who are teaching, learning, and looking to expand their knowledge about family therapy approaches, research, and ethical issues.” — Jennifer Hodgson, PhD, LMFT, Professor, East Carolina University; Former Chair, Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education

“Drs. Wetchler and Hecker have recruited the top thinkers in family therapy theory and practice to share their knowledge of the field in this revised volume. This text presents critical and often overlooked information about both the history of family therapy and the field’s most contemporary issues in a clear, easy-to-read manner. It is a perfect addition to any MFT’s bookshelf, whether you are just orienting yourself to the world of family therapy or have been practicing for a lifetime.” –Katherine M. Hertlein, PhD, Program Director, UNLV; Co-author, The Couple and Family Technology Framework

“This second edition remains an engaging, pithy introduction to the rich history and practice of marriage and family therapy. The authors include as central concepts contextual issues of gender, race, culture, sexual orientation, and spirituality. They extend their focus into the future through topics such as the emergence of evidence-based therapy and common factors, and the role of marriage and family therapy in addressing critical clinical issues such as mental and physical illnesses, family violence, substance abuse, and sexual dysfunction. This is a perfect master’s-level text, but it is also for anyone who wants to know more about the breadth, depth, and trajectory of our evolving, dynamic field.” –Fred P. Piercy, PhD, Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy, Virginia Tech; Editor, Journal of Marital and Family Therapy

About the Author

Joseph L. Wetchler, PhD, is Professor in the Marriage and Family Therapy program at Purdue University Calumet in Hammond, Indiana. He was named a Legacy Scholar in 2013 by the Family Therapy section of the National Council on Family Relations for outstanding contributions to the field, and has been on the editorial boards of the most distinguished journals in the field.

Lorna L. Hecker, PhD, LMFT, CHPS, is Professor in the Marriage and Family Therapy program at Purdue University Calumet in Hammond, Indiana, and is the Director of the Couple and Family Center there. She is the author or co-author of numerous books on Marriage and Family Therapy, some of which are staples in the field.

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