Transactional Lawyering Skills by Richard K. Neumann Jr., ISBN-13: 978-1454822325


Transactional Lawyering Skills by Richard K. Neumann Jr., ISBN-13: 978-1454822325

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  • Publisher: ‎ Aspen Publishing; Essential Lawyering Skills Series edition (December 11, 2012)
  • Language: ‎ English
  • 172 pages
  • ISBN-10: ‎ 1454822325
  • ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1454822325

The highly respected author of Transactional Lawyering Skills has written and co-written some of the top-selling books in the field. Designed to supplement Contract Drafting and Transactional Skills courses, his concise, straightforward explanation of professionalism covers working with transaction clients; problem-solving and problem-prevention; and transactional interviewing, counseling, and negotiation. Professional responsibility issues are fully integrated throughout the material. Going beyond simple theory, the text provides a succinct explanation of the lawyer-client relationship as well as the mechanics of transactional lawyering. Transactional Lawyering Skills can be used to help add a third credit to a 2-credit contract drafting course.


  • concise, straightforward explanations of professionalism
    • working with transaction clients
    • problem-solving and problem-prevention
    • transactional interviewing, counseling, and negotiation
  • highly respected author has written/co-written top-selling books in the field
  • integrated coverage of professional responsibility issues
  • clear and succinct discussion of lawyer-client relationship
    • covers the mechanics of transactional lawyering
    • goes beyond simple theory
  • can be used to help add a third credit to a 2-credit contract drafting course

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 Transactional Lawyering
Chapter 2 Becoming a Professional
Chapter 3 Problem-Solving and Problem-Prevention
Chapter 4 Oral Communication Skills
Chapter 5 Lawyering for and with Clients 37
Chapter 6 Interviewing Transactional Clients
Chapter 7 Counseling and Advising Transactional Clients
Chapter 8 Some Examples of Counseling and Advice
Chapter 9 Preparing for Counseling: Developing Options
Chapter 10 Counseling Conversations with Transactional Clients
Chapter 11 Some Common Problems in Counseling
Chapter 12 Negotiation by Lawyers in Transactions
Chapter 13 Interests, Rights, and Power
Chapter 14 Problem-Solving and Positional Approaches—Collegial and
Combative Styles
Chapter 15 Negotiation Discussions with the Other Party’s Lawyer
Chapter 16 Some Common Problems in Negotiation
Appendix A Types of Contracts
Appendix B Document Design for Contracts
Appendix C Some Contract Drafting Considerations
Appendix D Contract Conditions
Appendix E Managing the Risk of the Unknown: Due Diligence,
Representations, and Warranties

At Hofstra, Professor Richard K. Neumann Jr. has taught Contracts; Drafting & Negotiating Contracts & Statutes; International Business Transactions; Transactional Lawyering; Legal Writing; Civil Procedure; Legal Interviewing, Counseling and Negotiation; Pretrial Litigation; Federal Courts; Trial Techniques; and clinical courses.

Professor Neumann is the author or coauthor of five textbooks: Legal Drafting by Design (with J. Lyn Entrikin); Essential Lawyering Skills (with Stefan Krieger); Transactional Lawyering Skills; Legal Writing (with Sheila Simon and Suzianne Painter-Thorne); and Legal Reasoning and Legal Writing (with Ellie Margolis & Kathryn Stanchi). His articles have appeared in the Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics, the Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly, the Journal of Legal Education, the Clinical Law Review, the Fordham Law Review, and the Yale Journal of Law and Humanities, among others.

He is an editorial advisor to Wolters Kluwer (Aspen), one of the largest publishers of law school textbooks. He has served on several committees of the American Bar Association’s Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar as well as a number of ABA site inspection teams. He has been chair of the Association of American Law Schools’ Section on Legal Writing, Reasoning and Research; a member of the board of directors of the Legal Writing Institute, and a member of the board of directors and the executive committee of the Association of Legal Writing Directors. He is a frequent speaker at legal education conferences.

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