The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Political Theory by Leigh K. Jenco, ISBN-13: 978-0190253752


The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Political Theory by Leigh K. Jenco, ISBN-13: 978-0190253752

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  • Publisher: ‎ Oxford University Press (December 30, 2019)
  • Language: ‎ English
  • 780 pages
  • ISBN-10: ‎ 0190253754
  • ISBN-13: ‎ 978-0190253752

Increased flows of people, capital, and ideas across geographic borders raise urgent challenges to the existing terms and practices of politics. Comparative political theory seeks to devise new intellectual frames for addressing these challenges by questioning the canonical (that is, Euro-American) categories that have historically shaped inquiry in political theory and other disciplines. It does this byanalyzing normative claims, discursive structures, and formations of power in and from all parts of the world. By looking to alternative bodies of thought and experience, as well as the terms we might use to critically examine them, comparative political theory encourages self-reflexivity about the premises of normative ideas and articulates new possibilities for political theory and practice.

The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Political Theory provides an entry point into this burgeoning field by both synthesizing and challenging the terms which motivate it. Over the course of five thematic sections and thirty-three chapters, this volume surveys the field and archives of comparative political theory, bringing the many approaches to the field into conversation for the first time. Sections address geographic location as a subject of political theorizing; how the past becomes a key site for staking political claims; the politics of translation and appropriation; the justification of political authority; and questions of disciplinary commitment and rules of knowledge. Ultimately, the handbook demonstrates how mainstream political theory can and must be enriched through attention to genuinely global, rather than parochially Euro-American, contributions to political thinking.

Table of Contents:


List of Contributors

1. Comparison, Connectivity, and Disconnection

Jenco, Leigh K.; Idris, Murad; Thomas, Megan C.

Section One: Geographies of Thought

2. The Plantation’s Colonial Modernity in Comparative Perspective

Getachew, Adom

3. Situated Political Theory in Latin America

Gordy, Katherine A.

4. An Interpretive Approach to “Chinese” Identity

Kim, Youngmin

5. “Inter-Asia as Method” and Radical Politics

Goh, Beng-Lan

6. Toward a Tradition of Ghanaian Political Philosophy

Ajei, Martin Odei

7. Mapping Afro-Caribbean Political Thought

Gordon, Jane Anna

Section Two: The Presence of the Past

8. Santo Domingo and the Politics of Classical Reception in the Caribbean

Padilla Peralta, Dan-el

9. The Politics of Time in China and Japan

Murthy, Viren

10. The Idea of an Arab-Islamic Heritage

Daifallah, Yasmeen

11. History, the Hindu Right, and Subversion of Brahmanical-Hindu Political Thought

Gray, Stuart

12. Motho ke motho ka batho, an African Perspective on Popular Sovereignty and Democracy

Ramose, M. B.

13. Gender and Slavery in Islamic Political Thought

Urban, Elizabeth

Section Three: Translatability across Time and Space

14. The Labor Question and Political Thought in Colonial Bengal

Sartori, Andrew

15. Humiliation through the Prism of Islamic Thought

Euben, Roxanne L.

16. War without End, or, Ambedkar, Time, and Stasis

Kumar, Aishwary

17. The Aggañña Sutta and the Therav?da Buddhist Tradition

Walton, Matthew J.

18. The Concept of Rights in Modern Japan

?kubo Takeharu

19. Hemispheric Comparison in Latin American Anti-Imperial Thought

Hooker, Juliet

20. Latin American Women and Democracy, Identity, and Transformation

Femenías, María Luisa

21. The Twin Enlightenments of Marxism and Liberalism in the Philippines

Claudio, Lisandro E.

Section Four: Political Authority and Its Legitimation

22. Liberalisms in India

Bajpai, Rochana

23. Populism, Universalism, and Democracy in Latin America

Ciccariello-Maher, George

24. Searching for “Tolerance” in Islamic Thought

Iqtidar, Humeira

25. Modern Islamic Conceptions of Sovereignty in Comparative Perspective

March, Andrew F.

26. Palaver and Consensus as Metaphors for the Public Sphere

Okeja, Uchenna

27. Meritocracy, Aristocracy, and “Literati Democracy” in Chinese Imperial History

Blitstein, Pablo Ariel

28. Organicism in Indonesian Political Thought

Bourchier, David

Section Five: Discipline and Dissent

29. A Postcolonial Critique of Comparative Political Theory

Seth, Sanjay

30. Indigenous Struggles for Epistemic Justice

Nichols, Robert

31. Civilization and Culture in Anticolonial and Comparative Political Theory

Klausen, Jimmy Casas

32. Eastern European Political Thought as a Conceptual Tool

Popescu, Delia

33. The “Legitimacy of Chinese Philosophy” Debate and the Global Extension of Disciplinary Knowledge

Jenco, Leigh K.

Leigh K. Jenco is Professor of Political Theory at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Murad Idris is Assistant Professor of Political Theory at the University of Virginia.

Megan C. Thomas is Associate Professor of Politics at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

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