Statistics for Management and Economics 11th Edition, ISBN-13: 978-1337093453


Statistics for Management and Economics 11th Edition by Gerald Keller, ISBN-13: 978-1337093453
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992 pages
Publisher: Cengage Learning; 11 edition (March 13, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1337093459
ISBN-13: 978-1337093453

Discover how statistical methods and tools are vital for today’s managers as you learn how to apply these tools to real business problems. STATISTICS FOR MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMICS, 11E emphasizes applications over calculation using a proven three-step “ICI” approach to problem solving. You learn how to IDENTIFY the correct statistical technique by focusing on the problem objective and data type; how to COMPUTE the statistics by hand or using Excel or XLSTAT; and how to INTERPRET results in the context of the problem. Extensive data-driven examples, exercises, and cases address the functional areas of business and demonstrate how marketing managers, financial analysts, accountants, and economists rely on statistical applications. Engaging cases focus on climate change and the relationship between payroll and wins in professional sports, while dozens of exercises feature the returns on 40 stocks, which are used to develop the market model and portfolio diversification.

Table of contents:

1. What is Statistics?2. Graphical Descriptive Techniques I.3. Graphical Descriptive Techniques II.4. Numerical Descriptive Techniques.5. Data Collection and Sampling.6. Probability.7. Random Variables and Discrete Probability Distributions.8. Continuous Probability Distributions.9. Sampling Distributions.10. Introduction to Estimation.11. Introduction to Hypothesis Testing.12. Inference about a Population.13. Inference about Comparing Two Populations.14. Analysis of Variance.15. Chi-Squared Tests.16. Simple Linear Regression and Correlation.17. Multiple Regression.18. Model Building.19. Nonparametric Statistics.20. Time-Series Analysis and Forecasting.21. Statistical Process Control.22. Decision Analysis.23. Conclusion.Appendix A. Data File Sample Statistics.Appendix B. Tables.Appendix C. Answers to Selected Even-Numbered Exercises.Index.

About the Author

Dr. Gerald Keller is Emeritus Professor of Business at Wilfrid Laurier University, where he taught statistics, management science, and operations management from 1974 to 2011. He also taught at the University of Toronto, the University of Miami, McMaster University, the University of Windsor, and the Beijing Institute of Science and Technology. In addition to consulting with banks on credit scoring and credit card fraud, Dr. Keller has conducted market surveys for the Canadian government on energy conservation. His books include BSTAT, 2e, APPLIED STATISTICS WITH MICROSOFT EXCEL, ESSENTIALS OF BUSINESS STATISTICS (co-authored), AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS STATISTICS (co-authored), and STATISTICS LABORATORY MANUAL EXPERIMENTS USING MINITAB. Dr. Keller also has been published in OMEGA, IIE TRANSACTIONS, DECISION SCIENCES, INFOR, ECONOMICS LETTERS, and ARCHIVES OF SURGERY.

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