Psychology 1st Edition by Miles Hewstone, ISBN-13: 978-0631206781


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Psychology 1st Edition by Miles Hewstone, ISBN-13: 978-0631206781

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  •  580 pages
  • ISBN-10: 0631206787
  • ISBN-13: 978-0631206781
  • Publisher: BPS Blackwell; 1st Edition (June 6, 2005)
  • Language: English


Introduction to Psychology is the definitive introduction for readers new to the subject. Written by more than 20 leading psychologists from Europe and Australasia, it provides comprehensive coverage of all the major aspects of psychology taught in colleges and universities today. Starting with the biological bases of psychology and with methodology, the book then moves logically through the study of standard topics, such as motivation, emotion, sensing, perception, development, memory, language, thought, and personality, on to applied areas. Its coverage of applied psychology is unusually thorough, incorporating chapters on work psychology, health psychology, organizational psychology, and forensic psychology.

Psychology, published in association with the British Psychological Society, is the definitive introductory textbook for students starting their study of psychology.

  • written with style and authority by more than 20 leading psychologists from the UK and Australasia, in association with our editorial team;
  • contains comprehensive and integrated coverage of all the major topics in first-year undergraduate psychology;
  • also provides extensive treatment of cutting-edge applied areas such as health, organizational and forensic psychology;
  • each chapter helps students to understand psychology on their own terms:
    • ‘Research Close-ups’ bring research to life via snapshot case studies;
    • ‘Everyday Psychology’ boxes apply real-life contexts to the basic principles;
  • includes a host of additional useful features, from chapter maps, learning objectives, expert opinions and profiles of pioneering psychologists in each subfield, to chapter summaries, revision questions, suggestions for further reading and a glossary;

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