Principles of California Real Estate 19th Edition by Kathryn J. Haupt, ISBN-13: 978-1950728008



Principles of California Real Estate 19th Edition by Kathryn J. Haupt, ISBN-13: 978-1950728008

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  • Publisher: ‎ Rockwell Publishing; 19th edition (January 26, 2021)
  • Language: ‎ English
  • 549 pages
  • ISBN-10: ‎ 1950728005
  • ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1950728008

Principles of California Real Estate gives you a complete overview of the theoretical and practical aspects of California real estate transactions. It serves as the basis for the real estate principles course required by the California Department of Real Estate. Principles of California Real Estate is also the perfect study aid for anyone preparing for the California salesperson licensing exam. Principles of California Real Estate incorporates the latest real estate laws, regulations, and business practices. It includes a range of proven study aids such as illustrations, graphs, vocabulary reviews, summaries, quizzes with answers and explanations, and an extensive glossary. Principles covers: the nature of real property, estates in land and methods of holding and transferring property, restrictions on land use, real estate contracts, real estate agency, financing and appraisal, the closing process, real estate math, and California real estate license law. Principles of California Real Estate is also an excellent reference book for real estate professionals.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: The Nature of Real Property
What Is Real Property?
Land Description
Chapter 2: Estates in Land and Methods of Holding Title
Estates in Land
Methods of Holding Title
Chapter 3: Transfer of Real Property
Title and Alienation
Voluntary Alienation
Involuntary Alienation
Title Insurance
Chapter 4: Encumbrances
Financial Encumbrances (Liens)
Nonfinancial Encumbrances
Chapter 5: Public Restrictions on Land
Land Use Controls
Eminent Domain
Taxation of Real Property
Chapter 6: Contract Law
Legal Classifications of Contracts
Elements of a Valid Contract
Legal Status of Contracts
Discharging a Contract
Chapter 7: Types of Real Estate Contracts
Listing Agreements
Buyer Representation Agreements
Purchase Agreements
Land Contracts
Option Agreements
Chapter 8: Real Estate Agency Law
Introduction to Agency
Creating an Agency Relationship
Legal Effects of Agency
Duties in an Agency Relationship
Terminating an Agency Relationship
Real Estate Agency Relationships
Agency Disclosure Requirements
Broker/Salesperson Relationship
Chapter 9: Principles of Real Estate Financing
Economics of Real Estate Finance
Real Estate Finance Markets
Real Estate Finance Documents
Types of Mortgage Loans
Land Contracts
Chapter 10: Applying for a Residential Loan
Choosing a Lender
Loan Application Process
Basic Loan Features
Residential Financing Programs
Predatory Lending
Mortgage Fraud
Chapter 11: Real Estate Appraisal
Introduction to Appraisal
Appraisal Process
Gathering Data
Methods of Appraisal
Reconciliation and Final Estimate of Value
Chapter 12: Closing Real Estate Transactions
Closing Costs and Settlement Statements
Income Tax Aspects of Closing
Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act
Chapter 13: Income Taxation and Real Estate
Basic Taxation Concepts
Nonrecognition Transactions
Exclusion of Gain from the
Deductions Available to Property Owners
California Income Tax
Chapter 14: Antidiscrimination Laws and Other Marketing
Federal Antidiscrimination Legislation
California Antidiscrimination Legislation
Discriminatory Restrictive Covenants
Other Marketing Regulations
Chapter 15: Real Estate Construction, Ownership, and
To Rent or to Buy?
Factors to Consider When Choosing a Home
Investing in Real Estate
Chapter 16: California Real Estate License Law
Administration of the Real Estate Law
Real Estate Licenses
Disciplinary Action
Trust Funds
Documentation Requirements
Advertising Regulations
Chapter 17: Real Estate Math
Solving Math Problems
Area Problems
Volume Problems
Percentage Problems
Tax Assessment Problems
Seller’s Net Problems
Proration Problems

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