Introductory Circuit Analysis 13th Global Edition, ISBN-13: 978-1292098951


Introductory Circuit Analysis 13th Global Edition, ISBN-13: 978-1292098951
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1220 pages
Publisher: PEARSON EDUCATION; 13th edition edition (2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9781292098951
ISBN-13: 978-1292098951

For courses in DC/AC circuits: conventional flow.

The Latest Insights in Circuit Analysis.

Introductory Circuit Analysis, the number one acclaimed text in the field for over three decades, is a clear and interesting information source on a complex topic. The Thirteenth Edition contains updated insights on the highly technical subject, providing students with the most current information in circuit analysis. With updated software components and challenging review questions at the end of each chapter, this text engages students in a profound understanding of Circuit Analysis.

Circuit analysis is a very intense, math-oriented field. The objective is to be able to predict a voltage or current at ANY spot in a circuit, and be sure the circuit is efficient vs. the laws of electricity and electronics. LINEAR circuits can use techniques like complex numbers, substitution, simplification, etc., but NON LINEAR means you’re getting into the most advanced math on the planet: Fourier transforms, matrix calculus, linear algebra, tensors, systems of inequality equations, and much more. Even a single semiconductor (eg. pn diode) makes the circuit nonlinear, as do time varying components, oscillators, etc., so– tough subject.

That means that most Engineering, academic texts are out of the reach of many undergrads unless they got through linear algebra. LaPlace transforms, graph theory, wavelets, etc. are all ADVANCED topics. So, you get an electronics text instead, learn the basics, but really miss out on WHY the circuits are doing what they are doing. This is where this book shines! The author does an AMAZING job of covering real analysis without resorting to calculus hardly at all– making the book PERFECT for hobbyists, self study, and electronics “techs.”

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