English File 4th Edition Advance Teacher’s Guide with Teacher’s Resource Centre, ISBN-13: 978-0194038409


English File 4th Edition Advance Teacher’s Guide with Teacher’s Resource Centre, ISBN-13: 978-0194038409

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  • Publisher: ‎ Oxford University Press (July 16, 2020)
  • Language: ‎ English
  • ISBN-10: ‎ 0194038408
  • ISBN-13: ‎ 978-0194038409

How will English File get your students talking?

Advanced level increases students’ grammatical range and accuracy, and provides greater challenge.

Students consolidate their confidence with a proven balance of Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation and Skills Development in every File.

Key Features:

– NEW and updated texts, topics and listenings, based on feedback from English File teachers.
– NEW Teacher’s Resource Centre allows you to manage all English File resources and teaching materials in one place online.
– NEW Classroom Presentation Tool shows the course content on screen, with interactive features making it easier than ever for teachers to deliver heads-up, engaging lessons.
– NEW Online Practice provides learners with learning tools and extra practice activities for each lesson and allows them to check their progress every File.
– NEW Video Listening activity integrated in to each even-numbered File. These short films provide support with listening and make class time more dynamic and motivating.
– Colloquial English lessons feature video interviews which help students to focus on natural spoken language.
– NEW Conversation feature allow students to observe authentic, unscripted conversations in English and learn and practise features of natural conversation to express their own ideas.
– Challenging tasks motivate students to use language with more precision and to express more complex thoughts.

Table of Contents:

p.4 Syllabus checklist
p.8 Course overview
● Introduction
● What do Advanced students need?
● For students
Student’s Book
Online Practice
● For teachers
Teacher’s Guide
Teacher’s Resource Centre
Classroom Presentation Tool
Class audio
p.12 Lesson plans
p.12 File 1 A–B Colloquial English 1
p.30 File 2 A–B 1&2 Revise and Check
p.45 File 3 A–B Colloquial English 2&3
p.60 File 4 A–B 3&4 Revise and Check
p.75 File 5 A–B Colloquial English 4&5
p.92 File 6 A–B 5&6 Revise and Check
p.104 File 7 A–B Colloquial English 6&7
p.120 File 8 A–B 7&8 Revise and Check
p.135 File 9 A–B Colloquial English 8&9
p.153 File 10 A–B 9&10 Revise and Check
p.164 Photocopiable activities
p.164 Introduction
p.165 Grammar activity answers
p.167 Grammar activity masters
p.187 Communicative activity instructions
p.193 Communicative activity masters
p.214 Vocabulary activity instructions
p.218 Vocabulary activity masters

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