Design Education Today: Technical Contexts, Programs and Best Practices, ISBN-13: 978-3030171339


Design Education Today: Technical Contexts, Programs and Best Practices, ISBN-13: 978-3030171339

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  • Publisher: Springer; 1st ed. 2019 edition (May 27, 2019)
  • Language: English
  • 367 pages
  • ISBN-10: 3030171337
  • ISBN-13: 978-3030171339
This book provides extensive information on the key technical design disciplines, education programs, international best practices and modes of delivery that are aimed at preparing a trans-disciplinary design workforce for the future. It also presents a comprehensive overview of the scope of, and state of the art in, design education.
The book highlights signature design education programs from around the globe and across all levels, in both traditional and distance learning settings. Additionally, it discusses professional societies for designers and design educators, as well as the current standards for professional registration, and program accreditation. Reflecting recent advances and emerging trends, it offers a valuable handbook for design practitioners and managers, curriculum designers and program leaders alike. It will also be of interest to students and academics looking to develop a career related to the more technical aspects of design.
Dirk Schaefer is a Professor and Chair in Industrial Design at the University of Liverpool, UK. He is spearheading internationally leading research on Cloud-based Design and Manufacturing (CBDM) and Social Product Development (SPD). Professor Schaefer has more than twenty five years of experience in Computer-aided Engineering, Design and Manufacturing, both in industry and academia. A passionate educator, he also conducts research on Design Education, especially in the context of pedagogy focused on personalized Learning and the delivery of Design Education to learners in Online and other Distance Learning settings.
Graham Coates is a Professor and Chair in Urban Resilience in the School of Engineering at Newcastle University, UK. Within the School of Engineering, he is Director of Excellence in Learning and Teaching. Prior to this, he was Director of Education in the Department of Engineering at Durham University in the United Kingdom. Professor Coates has 20 years of experience in academia and seven years of experience in industry. He has a keen interest in learning and teaching for engineers.
Claudia Eckert is a Professor of Design at the Open University, UK. She studies design processes in industrial practice and work on theoretical foundations of design research.

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