Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery 1st Edition by Pierre Andre, ISBN-13: 978-1482208092



Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery 1st Edition by Pierre Andre, ISBN-13: 978-1482208092

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  • Publisher: ‎ CRC Press; 1st edition (January 18, 2017)
  • Language: ‎ English
  • 808 pages
  • ISBN-10: ‎ 1482208091
  • ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1482208092

Aesthetic rejuvenation now encompasses so many topics that practitioners in one area may feel out of touch with developments in other areas in the same field. With over 70 chapters, over 1200 figures (many in full color), over 80 tables, and over 20 videos, from an international list of contributors, under an eminent team of editors, Cosmetic Medicine & Surgery is a comprehensive and authoritative resource. It covers a wide spectrum of topics including the fundamental aspects, cosmetic aspects, minimally invasive surgery, the aesthetic facelift, and many others in this most high-profile of medical and surgical specialties.

Table of Contents:

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Table of Contents
1. What is beauty? A historical excursus through a continuously evolving subjective and objective perception
2. Body dysmorphic disorder
3. Pathophysiology of skin aging
4. Clinical signs of aging
5. Stem cells and growth factors
6. Adipose tissue: Development, physiology, and pathophysiology
7. How to evaluate aging skin: Tools and techniques
8. The aesthetic consultation
9. Cosmetics and cosmeceuticals
10. Photoprotection
11. Allergic risks to cosmetics and hypersensitive skin
12. Hormones and the skin
13. Diet and the skin
14. The red face
15. Pigmentation of the face
16. Makeup techniques in dermatology
17. Nail care, nail modification techniques, and camouflaging strategies
18. Focal hyperhidrosis: Diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up
19. Cosmetic tattooing
20. Body piercings
21. Office surgery for dermatologists
22. Aesthetic suture techniques
23. Dressing systems in cosmetic dermatology
24. Local anesthesia for dermatological surgery
25. Management of abnormal scars
26. Cosmetic surgery of the scalp
27. Endovascular procedures for treating chronic venous insufficiency
28. Phlebectomy
29. Nail surgery
30. Superficial and medium-depth chemical peels
31. Deep peels
32. Combination chemical peels
33. Dermabrasion
34. 41-Laser dermatology
35. Surgical lasers: Ablative and fractional devices
36. Nonablative lasers
37. Intense pulsed light
38. Photobiomodulation and light-emitting diodes
39. Radiofrequency
40. Fundamentals of ultrasound sources
41. Lasers for tattoo removal
42. Laser and pigmented (melanotic) lesions
43. Lasers, intense pulsed light, and skin redness
44. Laser and veins
45. Lasers and intense pulsed light for hair reduction
46. Photodynamic therapy for aesthetic indications
47. Nonsurgical skin tightening
48. Cellulite and non-surgical fat destruction
49. Cryolipolysis
50. Botulinum toxins: Uses in cutaneous medicine
51. Cosmetic botulinum toxin treatment
52. Complications and pitfalls of cosmetic botulinum toxin treatment
53. History of soft-tissue augmentation
54. Mesotherapy
55. Hyaluronic acid: Science, indications, and results
56. Complications of fillers
57. Platelet-rich plasma from science to clinical results
58. Fat grafting
59. Liposuction
60. Laser lipolysis
61. Soft tissue lifting by suspension sutures
62. Blepharoplasty
63. Facelift: Identity and attractiveness reconstruction
64. Development of a therapeutic program: Some rules
65. Practical anatomy for face-lifts
66. Surgical rejuvenation: Cervico-facial lift technique using the superficial musculoaponeurotic plane technique
67. Surgical rejuvenation: The temporal lift
68. Surgical rejuvenation: Endoscopic brow lift
69. Surgical rejuvenation: The midface lift
70. Surgical rejuvenation: Autologous adipose grafting
71. Positive and negative aspects of face and eyelid cosmetic surgery
72. Current and future options for the facelift
73. Training in aesthetic and cosmetic dermatology
74. Aesthetic technician
75. Internet and e-consultation in aesthetic and cosmetic dermatology
76. Fundamentals of managing and marketing a cosmetic dermatology clinic in the modern world
77. Legal considerations in aesthetic and cosmetic dermatology

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