The University Success Handbook 2020 1st Edition by Brian K. Williams, ISBN-13: 978-1517809744


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The University Success Handbook 2020 1st Edition by Brian K. Williams, ISBN-13: 978-1517809744

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  • Publisher: BVT Publishing
  • Language: ‎ English
  • 411pages
  • ISBN-10: 1517809746
  • ISBN-13: 978-1517809744

The University Success Handbook: A Practical Guide is designed to help college students be successful both inside and outside the classroom. Its goal is to give first-year college students a research-based yet highly readable, innovative, and practical book.

The principal goal is simple to state but hard to execute: to make learning about college as easy, efficient, and effective as possible – to give first-year college students a research-based yet highly readable, innovative, and practical book.

Accordingly, following an approach found effective in some of our other books, we integrate writing, design, and layout in 14 brief, easily readable chapters in a handbook-like format that respects the time constraints and interests of today’s students.

Thus, our book has five key features:

– Format and content that are mobile-device friendly, because a generation that grew up on smartphones deserves a new kind of textbook.
– A student approach to learning, with provocative chapter titles, intriguing chapter questions, and “The Successful Student’s Toolbox.”
– Emphasis on practicality, with “Ticket to Success” boxes offering practical advice.
– Engaging and efficient writing to help students retain information, with key terms printed in boldface italic underscored, frequent use of “bite-size” text, a conversational writing style, and tables and illustrations next to discussion for easy reference.
– Distinctive topic coverage for the times we live in, such as “fear of missing out” and free speech versus the right to not be offended.

Brian K. Williams is a professional educational writer and book producer who shares an avid interest in seeing college students become well educated. Over the past two decades, Brian has authored and co-authored more than 26 books (over 72, counting revisions) in such subjects as college success, health, information technology, management, and business.

Brian has been Managing Editor for college textbook publisher Harper & Row/Canfield Press in San Francisco; Editor in Chief for trade book publisher J.P. Tarcher in Los Angeles; Publications & Communications Manager for the University of California, Systemwide Administration, in Berkeley; and an independent writer and book producer based in the San Francisco and Lake Tahoe areas. He has a B.A. in English and an M.A. in Communication from Stanford University.

Besides The College Success Handbook and six other college success books with Carl Wahlstrom, he has coauthored more than 17 other books. They include the leading seller in its field, Management 9th ed., with Angelo Kinicki (McGraw-Hill Education); Marriages, Families, & Intimate Relationships 5th ed., with Stacey Sawyer and Carl Wahlstrom (Pearson); and Using Information Technology 11th ed., with Stacey Sawyer (McGraw-Hill).

Carl M. Wahlstrom is Professor Emeritus of Transitional Studies and Sociology at Genese Community College, Batavia, New York, and also former visiting lecturer at the State University of New York in Geneseo.

In 2007, he was designated a SUNY Distinguished Service Professor (the highest recognition SUNY can bestow on its faculty). He has also been the recipient of the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching and the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Creativity. In addition, he has been awarded the Outstanding First-Year Advocate Award, a national honor of which only 10 are given out each year; the Excellence in Teaching Award from the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development at the University of Texas at Austin; the New York Tech Prep School-To-Work Outstanding College Educator Award; as well as several other teaching honors. He is past president of the New York College Learning Skills Association and a member of the SUNY College Transition Course Development Council. He is an active presenter and educational consultant at the national, state, and local levels.

Besides developing and teaching first-year experience courses, he has taught courses in human development, learning strategy, sociology, psychology, and human relations. He has a B.S. in Sociology and an M.S. Ed. in Counselor Education from SUNY Brockport and an M.A. in Sociology from the University of Bridgeport.

Carl is coauthor, with Brian Williams, of Learning Success 3rd ed., The Practical Student, The Urban Student, The Commuter Student, College to Career, and The Successful Distance Learning Student (all with Cengage). With Brian Williams and Stacey Sawyer, he is also coauthor of Marriages, Families, & Intimate Relationships 4th ed. (Pearson). He lives with his wife, Nancy, an employee benefits consultant, in the Finger Lakes area of New York.

Stacey C. Sawyer is an independent writer and book producer. She has taught at Ohio State University and been a manager for Brooks/Cole Publishing Company in Monterey, California. Earlier she was Director of a women’s reproductive health and family planning clinic and then Director of Medical Education at a teaching hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

She has a B.A. from Ohio Wesleyan and the University of Freiburg, Germany, and an M.A. from Middlebury College and the University of Mainz, Germany. Stacey is coauthor of Computers, Communications, & Information, a college textbook in print for 15 years. She and Brian also cowrote Using Information Technology, and she is coauthor with Brian and Carl of Marriages, Families, & Intimate Relationships 5th ed. (Pearson). In addition, Stacey does pro bono work editing and rewriting manuscripts and dissertations of ESL postgraduate students and ESL doctoral candidates.

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