Sensory and Consumer Research in Food Product Design and Development 2nd Edition, ISBN-13: 978-0813813660


Sensory and Consumer Research in Food Product Design and Development 2nd Edition, ISBN-13: 978-0813813660

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  • Publisher: ‎ Wiley-Blackwell; 2nd edition (April 3, 2012)
  • Language: ‎ English
  • 448 pages
  • ISBN-10: ‎ 0813813662
  • ISBN-13: ‎ 978-0813813660

During the past thirty years, companies have recognized the consumer as the key driver for business and product success. This recognition has, in turn, generated its own drivers: sensory analysis and marketing research, leading first to a culture promoting the expert and then evolving into the systematic acquisition of consumer-relevant information to build businesses. Sensory and Consumer Research in Food Product Design and Development is the first book to present, from the business viewpoint, the critical issues faced by business leaders from both the research development and business development perspective.

This popular volume, now in an updated and expanded second edition, presents a unique perspective afforded by the author team of Moskowitz, Beckley, and Resurreccion: three leading practitioners in the field who each possess both academic and business acumen. Newcomers to the field will be introduced to systematic experimentation at the very early stages, to newly emerging methods for data acquisition/knowledge development, and to points of view employed by successful food and beverage companies. The advanced reader will find new ideas, backed up by illustrative case histories, to provide another perspective on commonly encountered problems and their practical solutions.

This book is aimed at professionals in all sectors of the food and beverage industry. Sensory and Consumer Research in Food Product Design and Development is especially important for those business and research professionals involved in the early stages of product development, where business opportunity is often the greatest.

Chapter 1 Emerging Corporate Knowledge Needs: How and Where does Sensory Fit? (pages 1–15):
Chapter 2 Making Use of Existing Knowledge and Increasing its Business Value—The Forgotten Productivity Tool (pages 17–40):
Chapter 3 Understanding Consumers’ and Customers’ Needs—The Growth Engine (pages 41–82):
Chapter 4 Innovation’s Friend: Integrated Market and Sensory Input for Food Product Design and Development (pages 83–114):
Chapter 5 A Process to Bring Consumer Mind?Sets into a Corporation (pages 115–134):
Chapter 6 Developing Relevant Concepts (pages 135–166):
Chapter 7 High?Level Product Assessments (pages 167–205):
Chapter 8 So What Can Sensory do for me (Or for My Company)? (pages 207–227):
Chapter 9 What Types of Tests do Sensory Researchers do to Measure Sensory Response to the Product? and … Why do they do them? (pages 229–281):
Chapter 10 What can Sensory Researchers do to Characterize Products? and … How does One Select the Best Method? (pages 283–319):
Chapter 11 So What are the Practical Considerations in Actually Running a Test? What do I need to know? What does the Rest of the Company Need to Know? (pages 321–363):
Chapter 12 Evolving Sensory Research (pages 365–379):
Chapter 13 Addressable Minds™ and Directed Innovation: New Vistas for the Sensory Community (pages 381–407):

Howard Moskowitz is president and CEO of Moskowitz Jacobs Inc., a firm he founded in 1981. Dr. Moskowitz is both a well-known experimental psychologist in the field of psychophysics (the study of perception and its relation to physical stimuli), and an inventor of world-class market research technology. Among his important contributions to market research is his 1975 introduction of psychophysical scaling and product optimization for consumer product development. Whereas these methods are standard and well accepted today, they required a massive culture change in the 1975 business community. In the 1980’s his contributions in sensory analysis were extended to health and beauty aids.

Dr. Moskowitz graduated Harvard University in 1969 with a Ph.D. in experimental psychology. Prior to that, he graduated Queens College (New York), Phi Beta Kappa, with degrees in mathematics and psychology. He has written/edited 25+ books, has published well over 400 articles, has lectured in the U.S. and abroad, and serves on the editorial board of major journals. In 1972 Drs. Moskowitz and E.P. Koster co-founded the journal Chemical Senses and Flavor, now called Chemical Senses, the leading journal in the field. He has won numerous awards, among them the Scientific Director’s Gold Medal for outstanding research at the U.S. Army Natick Laboratories, and the 2001, 2003 & 2004 awards by ESOMAR (European, now World Society Of Market Research) for his innovation in web-enabled, self-authored conjoint measurement, and for weak signals research in new trends analysis and concept development. The self authored concept technology has brought concept/package design development and innovation into the realm of the researcher, significantly reducing cost, time and effort for new product and service development. In 1992 Dr. Moskowitz founded a $2,000 prize for young scientists working in the psychophysics of taste and smell, administered through the Association of Chemoreception Scientists, which continues today to encourage young researchers. In 2004 he became a Fellow of the IFT (Institute of Food Technologists), and was awarded the David R. Peryam lifetime achievement prize by the American Society for Testing and Materials. In 2005 Dr. Moskowitz received the Charles Coolidge Parlin Award from the American Marketing Association, considered to be the ‘Nobel Prize’ of market research, for his lifetime contributions to the field, ranging from product work to the optimization of consumer concept and package designs. He appeared weekly between 2004 and 2006 as the ‘Food Doctor’ on ABC News Now, where he anchored a 10 minute spot, featuring young food and beverage entrepreneurs spot, featuring young food and beverage entrepreneurs.

Moskowitz Jacobs, Inc. Mind Genomics(RIdeaMap(R).net received the 2012 Edison Bronze Award for applied technology-research tools. The awards recognize ideas at the forefront of new products, services, marketing, design and innovation.

Dr. Moskowitz was a contributor to the new Quest documentary “The Naked Brand”, which is being screened during NYAdweek, October 3, 2012. His latest e-book, “Rule Developing Experimentation: A Systematic Approach to Understand & Engineer the Consumer Mind” (Bentham Science Publishing) is available online from as of September, 2012.

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