Personality Psychology 2nd Canadian Edition by Randy J. Larsen, ISBN-13: 978-1260065770


Personality Psychology 2nd Canadian Edition by Randy J. Larsen, ISBN-13: 978-1260065770

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  • Publisher: ‎McGraw Hill Ryerson; 2nd Edition (Canadian); 2020
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Hardcover: ‎ 768 pages
  • ISBN-10: ‎1260065774
  • ISBN-13: ‎978-1260065770

Larsen, Personality Psychology: Domains of Knowledge About Human Nature, 2nd Canadian Edition features the latest in Canadian research. Content has been updated throughout to ensure information is current, relevant and relatable to today’s student.

The new edition continues to adopt the trusted framework of six important domains of knowledge about personality functioning. These domains include: Dispositional, Biological, Intrapsychic, Cognitive/Experimental, Social and/Culture, and Adjustment.

This resource is ideal for degree-level Personality Psychology courses, or for any learner eager to explore personality psychology from a Canadian perspective.

Power of Process. New to the second edition, Power of Process for Personality Psychology helps students improve critical-thinking skills and allows instructors to assess these skills efficiently and effectively in an online environment. Available through Connect, preloaded journal articles are available for instructors to assign. Using a scaffolded framework such as understanding, synthesizing, and analyzing, Power of Process moves students toward higher-level thinking and analysis.

Highlight on Canadian Research. To showcase the latest Canadian contributions to personality research, each chapter now includes a Highlight on Canadian Research feature box.
Inclusive Language. The language of the text has been updated to improve gender neutrality, to remove potentially stigmatizing language, and to ensure that examples are relevant within a modern context.
Coverage of the issues relevant to Canadians. More salient cultural references have been added, with special attention paid to current social issues that many Canadians consider important.
Concept Checks. At the end of each chapter, as well as sections within, questions known as Concept Checks have been added to help students think more critically about the material.

Table of Contents:

Introduction to Personality Psychology
Personality Assessment, Measurement, and Research Design

Part I – The Dispositional Domain 
Traits and Trait Taxonomies
Theoretical and Measurement Issues in Trait Psychology
Personality Dispositions over Time: Stability, Coherence, and Change

Part II – The Biological Domain 
Genetics and Personality
Physiological Approaches to Personality
Evolutionary Perspectives on Personality

Part III – The Intrapsychic Domain 
Psychoanalytic Approaches to Personality
Psychoanalytic Approaches: Contemporary Issues
Motives and Personality

Part IV – The Cognitive/Experiential Domain 
Cognitive Topics in Personality
Emotion and Personality
Approaches to the Self

Part V – The Social and Cultural Domain 
Personality and Social Interaction
Sex, Gender, and Personality
Culture and Personality

Part VI – The Adjustment Domain
Stress, Coping, Adjustment, and Health
Disorders of Personality

Summary and Future Directions

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