Organic Chemistry 6th Edition by Marc Loudon, ISBN-13: 978-1936221349

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Organic Chemistry 6th Edition by Marc Loudon, ISBN-13: 978-1936221349
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800 pages
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1936221349
ISBN-10: 1936221349

Loudon and Parise’s Organic Chemistry is known for its clear writing, high standard of accuracy, and creative problems. This edition contains over 1,800 problems—many of them new and taken directly from the scientific literature. The book is used at a wide variety of schools, such as UC Berkeley, Caltech, Colorado, Cornell, Duke, Harvard, Illinois, Maryland, Purdue, Yale, Wisconsin, and many more. This edition provides students with more health examples drawn from modern medical practice, as well as many cutting-edge topics from modern synthetic organic chemistry.

Editorial Reviews

“We have used a number of editions of Loudon for our second year organic course. Although each edition has represented a major advance in the presentation of new chemistry, they have all retained the lucid presentation and order of topics that attracted us to the first version. The problems and examples provide excellent reinforcement of the contents of each chapter. The inclusion of modern methodology in the newest edition will prepare students for graduate school and demonstrates the continuing evolution of organic chemistry.” —Robert H. Grubbs, California Institute of Technology

“My colleagues and I have used the Loudon text here at Harvard for a number of years. The latest edition of this textbook refines the author’s approach to the teaching of organic chemistry on a mechanism-based approach that was first introduced by Cram and Hammond more than 50 years ago. I consider it one of the premier texts of this generation.” —David Evans, Harvard University

“This text continues to refine the author’s characteristically elegant, mechanism-based framework for introducing organic chemistry. Professor Loudon has inspired several generations of students with his clear and insightful presentation style. In no other text does the logic, power and sheer beauty of organic chemistry shine through so clearly.” —Bruce Ganem, Cornell University

“This book is simply marvelous. It has plenty of stimulating illustrations and examples, and its many problems progress gradually from trivial to challenging and instructive. But, most importantly, its exposition is rock-solid, full of the lucid analogies and consistent mechanistic logic that make organic chemistry tractable.” —AMAZON (a student at Caltech)

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